lt is for high wind volume and high static pressure. lt is used for industrial use such as dust collector
and incinerator due to lts durability in high-speed rotation.
Generally, lt is made of iron plate and made in the type od a single-suction, single-lifting in the v-belt drive system.
However we can change it to stainless steel, F.R.P. material,
and we can make special designs for motor direct or coupling direct drive.
In addition, special fans can be designed for handling large dust collectors and hot gaese
in the type of double-suction, double-lifting.

Wings shape

· The wings are long, narrow and straight/curved.300mmAq ~ 1500mmAq (High static pressur)
· THe end of the wing is backward curved/backward, which is bent to the rear of turning direction.
· The number of wings is relatively small. (10~18)

Product feature

· Relatively quiet during high-speed driving.
· Having special and solid structure for high static pressure.
· the range of change in static pressure due to the variation in wind volume is large, and the range of change in power is small in the case of straight wing.
· Due to the variety of types, the selecrtion criteria for the wind volume and static pressure is easy.